Cashew Oil: A Novel Excipient for Self-micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery System using Cefixime Trihydrate as a Model Drug

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2016,6,2,1461-1466.
Published:June 2016
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Sagar R Kini1*, Shilpa P Bhilegaaonkar2

1Department of Pharmaceutics, PES's Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy, Farmagudi, Ponda- 403601, Goa, India.

2Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, PES's Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy, Farmagudi, Ponda-403601, Goa, India.


Improvement of bio-availability of poor water soluble drugs presents one of the furthermost challenges in drug formulations. One of the most admired and commercially viable formulation approaches for this challenge is self-micro emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS). Hence, the aim of present study was to develop SMEDDS of poor water soluble drug Cefixime (CEF) using a combination of cashew and corn oil as the oil phase carrier. Liquid SMEDDS was prepared using combination of cashew and corn oil, Labrafil M 1944 CS and Transcutol as oil, surfactant and co-surfactant respectively. Prepared SMEDDS was evaluated for particle size, zeta potential, water dispersion properties and in-vitro drug release. Dilution study by visual observation showed that there was spontaneous micro emulsification and no sign of phase separation. Study concluded that SMEDDS can effectively be formulated with enhanced dissolution rate and bioavailability. A successful attempt was made to incorporate CEF in cashew kernel oil which has be proven to be naturally compatible with the body and laden with anti- inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties.

Solubility in oil