Rare Intra-articular Lipoma in Knee Joint - A Case Report

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2014,4,1,901-902.
Published:February 2014
Type:Case Report
Author(s) affiliations:

Ruta Bapat1,*, NA Ramteerthakar2, MN Ramteerthakar3

1Assistant Lecturer Department of Anatomy, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

2Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Government Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra, India.

3Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Government Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra, India.


During the routine dissection and can of the 82 years of male cadaver the intra-articular lipoma was found in the left knee joint. Lipoma can be symptomatic be detected as incidental finding. It is very rare case report.

Rare intra-articular lipoma in knee joint - a case report