Assessment of Knowledge About HIV/AIDS Among Public – A Rural Perspective of South India

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2011,1,4,154-157.
Published:November 2011
Type:Research Article

The objective of this study was to assess knowledge, on HIV/AIDS among rural residents of south India where HIV/AIDS pandemic is high. A HIV-KQ-18 Questionnaire were distributed or directly interviewed to the population of rural people in the part of south India and the Respondents were asked to provide answers to a reliable and validated HIV-KQ 18 questionnaire, about knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS. Study results indicated that the majority of people had a minimum level of HIV / AIDS knowledge, and acceptance, attitudes towards people with HIV and AIDS. Males had more acceptance and positive attitudes towards answering the questionnaire about AIDS than females overall, the knowledge about HIV/AIDS was uneven. A peer educational program to talk about self-esteem, healthy sexual attitudes, being human-accepting and loving should be developed in the near future. It is clear that learning for life is gaining momentum. However, it is important to acquire knowledge and educate the public about HIV/AIDS preferably in rural part of India to lead healthy and better quality of life.

Age wise distribution of study