Development and Validation of UV Spectrophotometric Method For Estimation of Desvenlafaxine Succinate ER-Tablets Forms

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2011,1,3,137-141.
Published:August 2011
Type:Short Communication

A simple, precise and accurate method has been described for the estimation of Desvenlafaxine in formulation of Desvenlafaxine Succinate ER-Tablets using Agilent 1200 series HPLC and Column- Zorbax SB CN (250 x 4.6 mm) 55 or equivalent in isocratic mode consisting of quaternary pump and UV detector with mobile phase 4.0 ml of Trifluoroacetic acid and 7.0 ml of Triethylamine to 1000 ml of water (pH to 3.0 with Triethylamine): Acetonitrile (80:20 %v/v) at flow rate of 1 ml/min. The effluent is monitored at 225nm. The retention time of Desvenlafaxine was 7.0 min. The linearity range for Desvenlafaxine was found to 48.066 5g/ml to 72.099 5g/ml. The correlation co-efficient were closed to 1 proving the good linearity between concentration of drug and response. The %RSD values of precision were less than 2, which indicate that the method has good reproducibility. The method validation parameters like theoretical plates, resolution, tailing factor, LOD and LOQ were found to be within the USP standards. As the chromatogram for Desvenlafaxine in formulation is free from any other peaks except at the retention time corresponding to drugs, it was revealed that excipients used in the formulation were not interfering in the method. Thus the proposed method is suitable for routine analysis, formulations containing Desvenlafaxine.

Linearity Graph for Desvenlafaxine