2012 / VOL-02, ISSUE-02,APRIL-JUNE 2012

Challenge of deep vein thrombolysis in a patient on rifampicin for pulmonary tuberculosis

By  Dharitri Goswami

Case Report

Page:  310-311


Administration of rifampin concomitantly with drugs that undergo biotransformation through cytochrome P-450 pathway can accelerate elimination of coadministered drugs. This short case report provides an evidence of rifampicin-warfarin interaction, both of which are metabolized through cytochrome P-450 enzymes in the liver. This finding is significant to emphasize upon the need for vigilant monitoring to achieve the desired anticoagulation effect of warfarin in a patient already on long-term rifampicin, and the dose of warfarin may have to be greatly increased to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

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