2012 / VOL-02, ISSUE-02,APRIL-JUNE 2012

A case study on tuberculosis prevention among household contacts in surin province, Thailand

By  Sumattana Glangkarni

Short communications

Page:  336-338


Tuberculosis (TB) still accounts for 8.4 million new cases and the related deaths are 1.9 million reported worldwide every year. Susceptible household contacts of pulmonary tuberculosis are vulnerable to be new cases in Thailand. A purpose of this study was to explain behavioural changes affected tuberculosis prevention in household contacts. The comparative study was conducted in 32 household contacts of new TB cases in Thatoom district, Surin province. It was found that after participating in a research programme from April to September 2010, study subjects had statistically significant improvements in preventive behaviours. Household contacts could increase knowledge of tuberculosis and realise carefully to being this disease. From active surveillance, there was no any household contact subject get infection of pulmonary tuberculosis which test by sputum examination. This appropriate programme will reduce the incidence rates of tuberculosis, and should be applied to other areas for tuberculosis surveillance and prevention.

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