2012 / VOL-02,ISSUE-01,JANUARY -MARCH 2012

Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Isoxazole Analogues Derived From Natural Piperine.

By  Mary Sheeja

Research Articles

Page:  256-260


Piperine has attracted considerable attention Worldwide owing to its outstanding biological properties. Synthesis of some Isoxazole analogs of piperine under conventional and microwave conditions in moderate to excellent yields is reported here. Conversion of piperine to piperonal by hydrolysis and oxidation. Condensation of piperonal with substituted Acetophenone gave chalcone derivatives. Finally cyclized with hydroxylamine hydrochloride to form isoxazole analogues of piperine. Anxiolytic activity of the synthesized compounds were studied in Elevated plus Maze and Mirrored chamber using Albino Mice.

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