Evaluation of Pharmacognostical & Physico-chemical Standards of the Leaf of Cassia tora Linn

By  chandan das

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Page:  216-220


Pharmacognostic investigation of the fresh, powdered and anatomical sections of the leaves of Cassia tora Linn was carried out to determine its macro- and microscopical characters and also some of its physical constants. Leaves 7.5-10 cm long; rhachis grooved, more or less pubescent, with a conical gland between each of the 2 lowest pairs of leaflets; stipules 1.3-2 cm. long, linear-subulate, caducous. Leaflets 3 pairs, opposite, 2.5-4.5 by 1.3-2.5 cm. Externally, the leaves possess somewhat oblique, usually rounded base. Internally, its shows the presences of paracytic stomata, unicellular, uniseriated-covering trichomes with swollen base and an acute apex, prism crystals of calcium oxalate and fiber elements. The chemo-microscopy revealed the presences of Starch polyphenol lignins, steroid, flavonoid, alkaloid. The results of the study could be useful in setting some diagnostic indices for the identification and preparation of a monograph of the plant

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