2017 / VOL-7,ISSUE-02,APRIL-JUNE 2017

Breast gangrene: a rare entity in clinical practice

By  Pratyusa Ranjan Bishi* ,Malaya Krishna Nayak , Priyambad Sahu

Case Report

Page:  1698-1700


Breast gangrene is a rare entity with multifactorial etiology. As some comorbid conditions like diabetes, AIDS, oral contraceptive pills predispose to this case it is very vital for a practitioner to rule out such a life threatening condition to the earliest. Wide debridement followed by broad spectrum antibiotics play a major role in the treatment. Here we are describing about a 36 year old lady suffering from gangrenous breast which was treated in emergency basis after proper evaluation. Simple mastectomy was needed followed by grafting in a second set up.

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