2017 / VOL-7,ISSUE-02,APRIL-JUNE 2017

Development of silver nanoparticle loaded enteric coated microspheres for the treatment of colon cancer

By  Deepa M K*, Suryaprakash T.N.K, Pawan Kumar

Research Articles

Page:  1655-1663


The primary objective of the study was to develop Silver nanoparticles loaded targeted microspheres for colon rectal cancer formulated from bioreduction of silver nitrate solutions using Ocimum sanctum leaves extract. Silver nanoparticles have been characterized using UV-Visible spectroscopy, XRD, FTIR analysis and SEM. Microspheres were prepared by ionic gelation method using sodium alginate polymer. Optimized Microspheres were coated with Edragit S 100 in order to make the formulation as colon-targeted delivery system. They were subjected to various parameters such as drug entrapment efficiency, swelling index, and SEM analysis and particle size determination. SEM studies indicate that colon targeted microspheres are spherical in shape. Stability data recorded over 3 month period under room temperature condition. There is no significant variation in drug content indicated that the Formulation to be stable. Five different green synthesized silver nanoparticles loaded microspheres were prepared by orifice-ionic gelation method. The drug release data were subjected to curve fitting various kinetics models like zero order, first order, Higuchi model, and Korsmeyer-Peppas model. The in-vitro kinetic data is subjected to log time log drug release transformation plot (Korsmeyer Peppa's plot), revealed the fact that the drug release follows super case II transport diffusion. So we conclude that the novel formulation may expect to have a potent effect on colon cancer.

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