2017 / VOL-7,ISSUE-01,JANUARY -MARCH 2017

Pleomorphic adenoma of upper lip: a rare case report in a tertiary care hospital

By  Satyajit Mishra, NirupamaPati, Anindita A Nayak

Case Report

Page:  1647-1649


Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common salivary gland tumour, which accounts for 60-65% of such cases. It usually involves major salivary glands. However it also involves minor salivary glands of oral cavity and oropharynx. In oral cavity, hard palate is the most common site. Other rare sites are lips, buccal mucosa, alveolar ridge, floor of the mouth and tongue. This case report describes a rare and unusual presentation of pleomorphic adenoma in upper lip.

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