A case of post-axial hexadactyly with a different skeletal anatomy in each of the four limbs

By  Rudrajit Paul,1Debaditya Roy,2 Ratul Ghosh,2 TanmayJyoti Sau,3 Indranil Thakur4

Case Report

Page:  1596-1599


Tetrapolydactyly, that is, polydactyly of all four limbs is a rare congenital anomaly. When six fingers are present in each of the four limbs, the anomaly is called “polydactyly 24”. Such conditions may occur sporadically or may be part of some syndromes. We here present a rare case of sporadic polydactyly 24 in a healthy female from Eastern India. She had post-axial polydactyly, type II in one limb and type III in the rest. She denied any functional limitation due to this skeletal anomaly. The relevant literature pertaining to polydactyly has been discussed in details.

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