2016 / VOL-6,ISSUE-03,JULY-SEP 2016

Guillain Barre Syndrome complicating lymphoblastic lymphoma

By  Sourav Sinha1Swapan Kumar Mallick,Rudrajit Paul,Debdas Bose, Asifullah

Case Report

Page:  1553-1556


Neurological complications are a rare feature of haematological malignancies. We here report a case of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in a 15 year old girl complicated by Guillain BarreSyndrome (GBS). The GBS occurred after two cycles of chemotherapy. Diagnosis was done by electrodiagnostic studies which revealed AMAN subtype. The patient needed mechanical ventilation and was also treated with IvIg. Relevant literature pertaining to the association of the two conditions have also been discussed.

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