2016 / VOL-6,ISSUE-03,JULY-SEP 2016

Taste masked formulation of montelukast sodium for the pediatric population and its evaluation

By  Thonge Supriya Vilas, Mrudula H. Bele1, Harpreet Kaur Khanuja, Mandeep Dahiya

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Page:  1536-1549


The purpose of this study was to mask the metallic taste of montelukast sodium by complexation with beta-cyclodextrin and to incorporate the drug in a dispersible tablet for the pediatric population. The kneading method was applied to form the complex. The drug-beta-cyclodextrin (1:1) ratio was optimized by applying human panel method for taste evaluation and One-way ANOVA for drug release. The complex was mixed with other excipients to form a dispersible tablet. Results from an evaluation by a panel of nine human volunteers demonstrated that the dispersible tablets with taste masking complex improved the taste significantly. In conclusion, beta-cyclodextrin can effectively mask the metallic taste of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and does not affect the drug release.

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