2016 / VOL-6,ISSUE-03,JULY-SEP 2016

Tumor necrosis factor alpha promoter -238 TNF-α (G/A) locus polymorphism and the risk of Chronic Bronchitis.

By  Protiti Bose, Rashmi Bathri, Jyoti Shrivastava , Vikramsingh Gujar and Lalit Kumar.

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Page:  1503-1508


Objective -Chronic bronchitis (CB) represent a classic phenotype of COPD having different genetic determinants. The overall prevalence of CB in India was found to be 3.49%. Methods- We assessed TNF-alpha polymorphism -238 (G/A) and risk of Chronic Bronchitis using PCR-RFLP. We studied 10 cases with chronic bronchitis and 10 healthy individuals. Results. GA genotype was found to be associated significantly with the increased risk of Chronic Bronchitis (p, 0.5); also G allele was displayed high risk of CB (76.9%) in our study population. In our study we also found elevated levels of IFN-gamma and 8 oxo-dG and decreased level of TNF-alpha in CB patients. Conclusion. Our study indicated, the presence of GA genotype being a risk factor in the development of CB in Central Indian Population .

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