Microwave Assisted Extraction, Fractionation and Total Phenolic and Flavanoid Estimation of Annona muricata Leaves

By  Sheeba Jasmin

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Page:  1343-1347


The present study focuses on the microwave assisted extraction of Annona muricata leaves in ethanol. The extract obtained was subjected to column chromatography and the fractionation was done to get 10 different fractions. Preliminary phytochemical screening was done and the fractions were subjected to total phenolic and flavanoid content estimation. The crude extract contained 490 mg GAE/100g of phenolic content and among the fractions AM8 contained the maximum amount of phenolic content that is 360 mg GAE/100g. The flavanoid content present in the crude extract of the Annona muricata was found to be 127mg QE/100g Among all the tested fractions, the fraction AM8 showed more flavanoids that is 97.5 mg QE/100g and the study is to be extended to find out the components present in the active fraction.

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