The Predictors of Growth Response to Growth Hormone Therapy in Growth hormone Deficient Egyptian Children

By  Nagwa Abdallah Ismail

Research Articles

Page:  1336-1342


Short stature is one of the most common concerns presenting to pediatric endocrinologists and other physicians caring for children. Our aim isto identify the predictors of growth response to Growth hormone in GHD children. We analyzed different factors (demographic, auxological) that may determine the response to GH therapy in 449 (GHD) patients followed for 4 years. They were 317 males and 132 females with a mean age at the start of therapy of 11.9±3.4 years and 11.4±2.7 years for males and females respectively. Only 98 patients were followed for 4 years and the delta changes of them showed; height was significantly improved from –4.1 to –2.9 (p-value = 0.0001) and their GV were significantly decreased from 9 cm (5.2 SDS) to 5.4 cm (1.1 SDS) (p-value = 0.0001) . For the period of catch up growth during the first two years of GH therapy, height and weight deficit, GH peak levels and bone age delay were the main predictors.

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