Study and evaluation of medication errors in a tertiary care teaching hospital

By  Binu mathew

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This study was conducted to detect and evaluate the incidence, types of medication errors and to assess the severity of medication errors in Navodaya Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Raichur, Karnataka. It was a prospective observational study of 6 months duration. Patients who were admitted to general ward, semi ward and ICU ward irrespective of age, sex and conditions included in the study.In-patients records of patients were reviewed during their hospital stay. Detected medication errors were documented and evaluated. A total of 600 cases of the patients were selected, 89 medication errors were detected in 76 patients, in this 68(89.47%) cases had only one error and remaining 8(10.53%) had more than one error during their hospital stay. A total 89 medication error were observed among them 57.3% were errors in prescribing medication, 12.36% were errors in medication dispensing and 30.34% were errors in medication administration. Most of the medication errors were 57.30% due to physicians, 30.37% due to Nurses and 12.36% due to Pharmacists. The causes for prescribing errors were due to 33.34% class duplication, for dispensing error 72.73% due to wrong dose and for administration error 70.37% due to omission error. Majority of medication error were belonging to antibiotics 26.97%.On evaluation of severity, majority of medication errors, 73.03% were classified as category, Error, No harm followed by 26.97% were in category No error.The study concluded that 14.3% medication error were detected during study period and revealed that pharmacist can play a major role in preventing these errors by early detection.

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