2015 / VOL-5,ISSUE 01,JANUARY -MARCH 2015

Prevalence of stunting and thinness among Bengali children and adolescent boys of Agartala, Tripura, India

By  Sandeep Roy sarkar

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Page:  1210-1213


This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of stunting and thinness using height and weight based indicators among Bengali children and adolescent school boys of Agartala, aged between 8 to 16 years. This cross-sectional study was carried out in the rural areas of Agartala through school visits. Subjects were selected using a multistage cluster sampling method. Height and weight were measured using standard procedures and body mass index (BMI) was also computed. Height-for-age below 3rd percentile value of WHO reference and Indian reference was classified as stunting. BMI-for-age below 5th percentile value of WHO reference was classified as thinness. Atotal of 208 boys participated in this study. Prevalence of stunting was 20% relative to WHO reference, which reduced to almost 10% while using Indian reference data. Prevalence of thinness was 42%. Bengali boys of Agartala were showing high prevalence of stunting but lower thinness values than that of Bengali boys of Kolkata. This study reveals a moderate prevalence of stunting and high prevalence of thinness among our study boys. Poor socio-economic status seems to contribute to this moderate to high prevalence of undernutrition.

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