Heterotopic Pancreas: Report of Two Cases with unique presentation and review of literature

By  Soumya Kondu

Case Report

Page:  1107-1109


Heterotopic pancreas (HP) is defined as the presence of pancreatic tissue outside its normal location, lacking ductal or vascular continuity with the main gland. Though pancreatic heterotopia is usually incidental, it may become clinically evident when complicated by pathological changes such as inflammation, bleeding, obstruction. In this report of two cases, a 42-year female with chronic cholecystitis with mural heterotopic pancreatic tissue is described, along with a35-year female with abdominal pain caused by heterotopic pancreatic tissue located in proximal jejunum. In majority of reported cases, HP has been found in stomach, duodenum, upper jejunum, whereas its presence in the gallbladder is very rare. Awareness of this condition may provide insights on its clinical significance.

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