2014 / VOL-04, ISSUE-02, APRIL-JUNE 2014

Accessory breast tissue in axilla: a case report

By  S.K Mohapatra

Case Report

Page:  978-980


Breasts are modified sweat glands which develop from mammary ridge (milk lines) during 5th or 6th week of fetal development. This milk line extends from axilla to inguinal area. Persistence of any other part of the original mammary ridge may result in a supernumerary breast or nipple. This supernumerary breast conditions have familial as well as syndromic association. Though it is ectopic, there is also a high chance of inflammation and neoplastic transformation like normal breast tissue. A subset of ectopic mammary tissue, aberrant breast tissue may constitute a diagnostic challenge and is often misdiagnosed as lipoma, hybernoma, hidradenitis, follicular cyst, or lymphadenopathy. Due to cosmetic problems as well as neoplastic tendency local excision is the treatment of choice. A definitive diagnosis is drawn after the histopathological study. Thus aberrant breast tissue should be kept in mind while evaluating a case of axillary swelling & malignancy should be ruled out.

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