2014 / VOL-04, ISSUE-01, JANUARY-MARCH 2014

Disseminated rhinosporidiosis- a rare case presentation

By  Souvagini Acharya

Case Report

Page:  895-897


Rhinosporidiosis is a granulomatous disorder caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. It usually occurs in the mucous membranes of nose, nasopharynx, eyes and less commonly in extra nasal sites such as skin, bones, genitalia and even the internal organs. We hereby report a case of 25 year old immuno competant male who presented with nasal obstruction along with a subcutaneous nodule over ulnar aspect of right forearm and infected wound over lateral malleolar area of right leg. On examination, a pinkish polypoidal mass was found inside left nostril. Incisional as well as excision biopsy confirmed the lesions as disseminated rhinosporidiosis. The patient was treated with excision and dapsone therapy. After 5 months of therapy, the patient has disease-free survival. We report this rare case of rhinosporidiosis with disseminated subcutaneous as well as involvement of bone.

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