2013 / VOL-03, ISSUE-04, OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2013

Problems associated with oral health and knowledge of causes and prevention among children of a primary school of Meerut: An interventional study

By  Sartaj ahamed

Research Articles

Page:  875-881


Oral health is fundamental to general health and well being. Schools can provide a supportive environment for promoting oral health. The children tend to be more vulnerable to dental diseases due to social, economic and demographic factors like lack of awareness, limited access to professional dental care, lack of perceived need for dental care. The objectives of the study were:(1) To know their knowledge and attitude regarding oral hygiene status after educational session . (2) To assess the problems associated with oral health among children in Meerut. A total 112 Children between the age group of 5 and 13, who attended the Subharti Primary school were recruited into the study. The subjects completed an interview schedule that aimed to evaluate young children's, knowledge and attitude. Oral hygiene habits, oral health knowledge, awareness and practices among school children in peri-urbanslum was poor and improved by educational session. Knowledge, attitude, and practices among the children with regarding oral health was poor in peri urban school children. Children and their parents attitudes towards oral health and dental care need to be improved andschool-basedoral health education program should be recommended

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