2013 / VOL-03, ISSUE-04, OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2013

Complications of suppurative otitis media – a retrospective study in a tertiary care hospital

By  Satyajit Mishra

Research Articles

Page:  848-853


Suppurative otitis media is quite a common disease in India and more so in Odisha. Because of inadequate treatment as well as lack of treatment, the disease assumes a chronicity and subsequently different complications ensues. Western Odisha and adjacent Chhatisgarh being poor economically and also having a poor health care facility, poor people of this area are at a higher risk of developing such complications. Therefore, a retrospective study over a period of two years was carried out in V.S.S. Medical College, Burla-Sambalpur ( Odisha ) to have a data regarding the incidence & various pattern of presentations of complications of suppurative otitis media.

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