2013 / VOL-03, ISSUE-03, JULY-SEPTEMBER 2013

Screening extracts of Asparagus setaceous Kunth and Caesalpinia volkensii Harm for Anti-Candida activity

By  Oduor Michael Aduol

Research Articles

Page:  763-768


A number of plants have been investigated and demonstrated to possess antifungal activity. In this study, the organic and aqueous extracts of Asparagus setaceous (Liliaceae) and Caesalpinia volkensii (Caesalpinaceae) were investigated on their antifungal activity against the fungus Candida albicans using the disk diffusion method. In addition the minimum inhibition concentrations of the extracts were also determined. The organic extracts demonstrated negligible anti-candida activity while the aqueous extracts of both the plants were devoid of anti-candida activity. The extracts cannot therefore be used in the management of fungal infections caused by species of Candida.

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